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In an industry that hasn’t seen substantial change in decades, Cuz-D Industries Inc. has designed a revolutionary tool called the Straight Flush Saw™ - a zero clearance circular saw that has more capabilities than five of the industry leading construction tools combined.

By simultaneously increasing production speed and delivering a higher quality end result, this saw will be particularly appealing to construction-related and specialty trades.

The Straight Flush Saw™ is the first product planned for release from Cuz-D™ with a more expansive line of tools and accessories to follow.

Company Vision and Community Involvement

Cuz-D Industries Inc. proudly supports U.S. veterans--as well as economic growth--by using revenue from products and services to create opportunities for our nation’s servicemen and women, as well as establishing more U.S. manufacturing jobs and U.S. exports.


A Veteran's Life is a non-profit organization.


It is the organizations goal to establish a rehabilitation center for both physically and mentally disabled veterans and prior service men and women. It is our intention to secure either a former military base or an similar facility.


Once achieved we will begin restoring a few buildings at a time to suit our needs.

Employing able bodied veterans for this process.


Marvin Spruill

Professional Contractor

“Ran into a unique situation with a 100 year old farm home in having to drop the ceiling and the floor system down.


The exterior walls were built with 8x8 beams that had to be notched down flush with the exterior framing 2 inches and notched to meet the height of the new floor.


Normally, this would have been a very labor intensive task taking a couple of hours with a different method.


This saw did the job in 10 minutes. I look forward to all of the other tasks that it will make short work of.”

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